What is Sewer Line Insurance and Do You Need It?

Do you own a home or property in Phoenix? You might be surprised to learn that your basic homeowner's insurance probably does not cover your sewer line repairs. As a homeowner, you're entirely responsible for your property's water and sewer line repairs. 


To protect yourself from unplanned financial mishaps, you might want to consider buying sewer line insurance. But what exactly is sewer line insurance, and why do you need it? Service Line Group has compiled all you need to know about service line insurance. 


How Does a Sewer Line Insurance Cover Work? 

With sewer line insurance, you pay a monthly fee that allows you to access a professional technician who will offer sewer line repairs whenever you have an issue. The services could include different repairs such as sewer and water backup, blocked sewer pipes, and collapsed water line repairs. 


When investing in sewer line insurance, it's important to note that some insurance providers only pay for sewer line repairs up to a certain amount of dollars. Think about the sewer line problems you've had before, and determine the type of coverage you might need in the future. 


Sewer Line Replacement Coverage 

In some extreme cases, you might require a full sewer line replacement. A sewer line replacement is an extensive procedure that can involve digging up your yard for the sewer line replacement. While you might qualify for a tax deduction, sewer line replacements are incredibly expensive. 


If you think you might require a sewer line replacement in the future, it's crucial to invest in replacement coverage. With a monthly fee, you enjoy sewer line replacement coverage which can pay for all your replacement costs. Contact us asap if you need to contact us about your sewer line coverage plan


The Benefits of Having Sewer Line Insurance 

According to The Washington Post, millions of homeowners across the U.S. receive notices from utility companies notifying them that they're responsible for water and sewer line repairs. Here are reasons why sewer line insurance is crucial: 

  • Saves You Money: Replacing or repairing pipes is expensive, mainly because a home's main sewer line is often located underground. But with sewer insurance, you can easily complete your project with professionals without worrying about the bill. 
  • Keeps Your Family Safe: Problems associated with wastewater are dangerous for your health. Your family should not come into contact with contaminated surfaces or even inhale the vapors. A sewer line insurance allows you and your family to enjoy a high quality of life and live in a hygienic environment. 
  • Protects Your Home From More Damages: When your sewer line is broken, blocked, or leaking, you need to act immediately to avoid further damage, such as floor and wall damage. 
  • You Don't Have to Worry About Emergency Sewer Line Issues: When your sewer pipe suddenly collapses or bursts, it's a huge relief to know that you can have professional help anytime. 


Sewer Line Insurance FAQs 

Most homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas are often caught by surprise when they experience unexpected problems with their sewer line. Here are answers to questions regarding sewer line protection policies. 


I Have Homeowners Insurance for My Home. Does It Cover the Sewer Service Line? 

Most basic homeowner insurance programs or policies typically don't cover sewer line repairs. Sewer line or pipe repairs are entirely the responsibility of the homeowner. However, you can enroll in a service line plan offered by Service Line Group for protection. The service line plans include main sewer coverage service, exterior water line insurance, gas line warranties, and electrical utility line protection


Who Qualifies for the Sewer Line Protection Warranty? 

To qualify for a sewer line protection warranty, you need to be a homeowner of a residential home – it can be a town or single-family house. But if you live in a condominium, you'll first check with your homeowner's association (HOA) to confirm if you're responsible for the sewer line. 


But My Sewer Is Located Underground. How Can I Tell if There's a Sewer Line Problem? 

Simple issues like backed-up drains and clogged toilets indicate a sewer line problem. If you notice any signs, reach out to Service Line Group experts, and we'll help you determine where the problem is and get it fixed if needed. 


It's worth noting that many home sewer lines are located at a depth of about 4-10 feet, making it challenging to check them for damages. Protecting yourself ahead of time with sewer line insurance is an excellent idea. 


Protect Your Home and Wallet With a Sewer Line Warranty From Service Line Group 

Let Service Line Group give you the sense of mind you deserve. Sewer line repairs can be time-consuming, messy, and expensive. In addition, sewer line repairs are often not covered by your basic homeowner's insurance. However, if you live in Phoenix, the valley, Mesa, AZ, or Scottsdale, you can protect yourself from the hassle and bills that result from surprise sewer line repairs by signing up with our service plan coverage. For more information about sewer line service plan coverage, contact the Service Line Group, and get immediate help! Click here to shop from all of our coverage and warranty protection plans


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