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Ensure Complete Protection With Our Service Plan Coverage

Any issue involving your main service lines — water, sewer, electric, gas — will typically be your responsibility as a property owner. Municipalities and utility companies will not be taking care of that for you, which is why it is advisable to make sure you are protected before a problem even occurs. Avoid any disruptions to your daily life, as well as any setbacks to your budget, by entrusting everything to Service Line Group. For just $5.50 per line, you can ensure that you have the added protection you need, as well peace of mind knowing that you are prepared.

Ease the Stress

Service lines endure wear and tear and break down eventually. You will deal with breaks, clogs, leaks, and other issues, just when you least expect it. These problems demand immediate attention, so you will need to be prepared by working with the trusted provider of repair service plans. As most standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover these vital services, it is best to rely on our service plan coverage here at Service Line Group.

Choose your coverage and start to enjoy same-day dispatch, 24/7 service!

Our sewer line repair plan coverage provides the protection that your home, and your budget needs, at the time you need it most. Having us on your side means that our team will handle the process from start to finish.

We can work on:

  • Underground
  • Exterior Service Line
  • Roots/Blockage
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Leaks/Breaks
  • Permanent Blockages

We address septic issues as well, before they pose the risks that you cannot afford to take. Service Line Group offers plan coverage that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you are facing a potentially expensive septic issue.

Every water main line can become damaged, whether due to age, ground shifting, or extreme temperatures. Once it breaks, you would not want to be left with high repair costs on top of all the stress. Enroll in our plan coverage and we will do all the hard work dealing with:

  • Underground
  • Exterior Service Line
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Leaking
  • Low Pressure
  • Broken Line

A sudden gas main service line issue can leave you without the necessities it takes to keep your home functioning, like hot water. As these issues can be expensive to address, you need Service Line Group’s plan coverage to ensure your issue is handled promptly by our experienced technicians. We offer solutions to

  • Underground
  • Exterior Service Line
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Broken Line

While your homeowners insurance may protect you from damage caused by electrical issues, you are on your own when it comes to repairs. Well, with the help of our plan coverage, you do not have to be. We can dispatch a team to provide the peace of mind you need for times when there is an issue involving:

  • Underground
  • Exterior Service Line
  • Insulator
  • Riser
  • Weatherhead
  • Electric Meter Base
  • Service Entrance Conductor

Essential Protection

Ensure your peace of mind today by signing up for our service plans here at Service Line Group. Providing essential protection for homeowners is what we do best, and that is what you can expect from our team when you entrust us with your electric, water, sewer, or gas main service lines. For your convenience, we recommend that you sign up for all services, as these all come at a fair and reasonable price! We offer utility line repair services for plumbing, gas, sewer, septic, and electrical main service lines, for a recurring monthly subscription fee. We serve the Phoenix metro area as well as nearby communities.

Check the contract to see what your specific plan will include, as well as if any particular thing is not covered. Feel free to go over the terms and conditions for more information on how to call for a repair and other essential details that cover your eligibility and the length of the service agreement. Be sure to sign up today and experience the difference of having Service Line Group at your service!

Contact Us Today

It is not a matter of if, but when you need the protection the most. Let Service Line Group do the hard work for you. All it takes is one call and we will take care of it all! No need to worry about extra fees, as there is no sign-up fee, service fees, or even deductibles. Contact us today and benefit from our experience saving homeowners like you thousands on emergency repairs.


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