Electric Line Service Plan

An unexpected electrical system or home wiring failure is one of the greatest menaces you can ever experience in your home. Can you imagine staying in a home without lights, television, and other devices and home appliances that rely on electric power for a few days, if not weeks? Does it feel right? Absolutely not!


A faulty electrical line to your house doesn't only inconvenience you but also creates a potential hazard. Fortunately, issues like these can be prevented by subscribing to our reliable Electric Line Service Plan. We inspect and fix faulty wiring and other connection problems to give you and your property easy and affordable protection against unexpected hazards.


What the Electrical Line Plan Covers

With our electric line services, you can rest assured that vital electric connections in and out of your home, replacements, and necessary repairs can be made without dips into your hard-earned savings. Our plan covers services such as:

  • External entry/breaker box circuitry
  • Service entrance conductor
  • Main service panel
  • Fuses/circuit breakers
  • Connections
  • Insulator riser
  • Weatherhead
  • Electric meter base


What is an Electric Line Service Plan?

There are many electrical devices and wiring in houses that keep power flowing throughout the day. For whatever reason, these lines can lead to a power outage. In such a scenario, the issue which you may deem small can contribute to significant damages and cost you dearly in repairs and replacements.


But is this what you could love? Maybe, now is the ideal time to buy your peace of mind on matters of a power outage. Get yourself covered against external electrical wiring breakdowns with the Electric Line Service Plan. Our coverage can be customized to ensure 24-hour protection from the faulty electrical output while keeping your replacement and repair costs in check.


Every Homeowner Needs Electric Line Insurance

Most homeowners assume that the basic homeowner insurance policy can cover them in case of electrical system repairs. Unfortunately, that's not the case. A home insurance policy cannot protect you from the normal wear and tear of the electric line.


With that said, you need electrical line insurance to cover you when your external electric line fails. This coverage comes with outstanding benefits such as:

  • Saving Money

Undoubtedly, becoming a homeowner comes with characteristic happiness and a feeling of accomplishment. But this ownership can bring a share of hurdles, such as external electric line repairs and replacement. Arming yourself with electric line insurance covers you from emergency electrical-related costs in case of an electrical hazard. It also shells out payments that you could have paid electricians for regular checkups.

  • Protecting Your Home from Potential Damages

Wiring breakdowns can have a lot of detrimental impacts on your property and life. However, electric line insurance has a team of professionals who can quickly identify potential risk and mend it before it becomes a major issue.

  • Keeping Your Family Safe

Do you know that faulty electric connections are responsible for thousands of house fires in the United States every year? An electric insurance plan can cover you in this case.


How Do I Schedule My Services?

To schedule your services, you need to fill out this form. In case you identify a potential problem, ensure you notify Service Line Group, LLC within forty-eight (48) hours to give us time to organize service delivery. Afterward, we will send out a technician to fix the issue.


Electric Line Protection You Can Count On

Our electric line protection plan can help you choose experienced contractors and high-quality repair technicians equal to the task. Remember, you may not be able to predict when these external failures can occur. But with a reliable service provider, you can sit back and watch almost everything managed by professionals.


Electric Line Protection Plan in Arizona

Electrical faults can pose detrimental impacts to your family and property, some of which may cost you huge chunks of money. Thus, getting a protection plan to cover you whenever such accidents occur makes sense.


Are you ready to enroll in the plan, and do you live Around Arizona? Service Line Group, LLC got you covered. We offer professional services to protect your family, property, and cash. Contact us today to schedule your services.


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