What is Service Line Coverage?

As a property owner, having all the utilities that define your lifestyle and make your home functional feels comfortable. Now, imagine you are seated behind your TV screen watching your favorite team play, but when they are about to score a winning goal, the screen goes black, the internet line breaks, and the streaming service…

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What is Sewer Line Insurance and Do You Need It?

What is a sewer line insurance coverage plan? Do you need sewer insurance protection? | Service Line Group, LLC. | Featured Image

Do you own a home or property in Phoenix? You might be surprised to learn that your basic homeowner’s insurance probably does not cover your sewer line repairs. As a homeowner, you’re entirely responsible for your property’s water and sewer line repairs.    To protect yourself from unplanned financial mishaps, you might want to consider…

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Water Line Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It


Your home’s main water pipe is quite susceptible to damage. A water main break may happen quickly if something like a tree falls on it or the ground shifts. Having water line insurance might be helpful in this case.   Water line insurance is an excellent way to safeguard your finances against unforeseen events. Still,…

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